Beste Liverpool FC vrienden,

Even jullie aandacht voor het volgende.

As you may be aware the local press have, over the last few weeks, covered the tragic story of Bobby Colleran, aged 6, who was involved in a fatal road traffic accident outside his school on Friday, 24th October 2014.

This story has torn at the hearts of many, none more so than Bobby’s own family and the employees of Huyton Asphalt as Bobby is the son of one of our Site Managers, the nephew of a Contract Manager, a cousin of my own and a relative of many others within the Company.

I am now writing to you to ask for your support. Nothing will be able to bring little Bobby back, but with the support and backing we hope to stop this from happening again and tearing apart another family.

An e-petition, which currently has over 4,400 signatures to date, to improve the road safety around Blackmoor Park Infants and Junior School has been launched petitioning Liverpool City Council to assess the safety of Leyfield Road as it is a busy road which serves four schools, a hospice, Alder Hey Children’s’ Hospital and has a large residential population with just one lollipop lady and one set of traffic lights. The petition is requesting that the council install speed bumps and the introduction of electronic speed warning signs encouraging drivers to dramatically reduce the speed of their vehicle. It has also been requested that, where practically possible, safety barriers be installed the length of Leyfield Road and not just outside the schools.

More details and to sign up for the e-petition can be found at:

In memory of Bobby, a fundraising page has been created for donations to be made to raise funds for the purchase and installation of a memorial bench, educational needs for Blackmoor School to purchase books to raise road awareness.

More details of the fundraising page can be found at:

We hope that you will be able to back this campaign so that Liverpool City Council will have to sit down and listen, especially if the petition is signed by friends, family and local residents and is backed by the major construction companies. I hope that you are able to support the campaign and if you have supported this campaign can you please contact me directly to let me know and give us permission to use your company logo.

Throughout this difficult time, David and Joanne – Bobby’s parents, have stayed strong and are now driving this campaign themselves to ensure that Bobby’s legacy continues and his memory lives on. I think they are incredible people for doing this after the loss of their own child.

Even Bobby’s 8 year old brother, Harry, has sold over 2,000 charity bracelets to raise funds for the campaign.

Each individual employee of Huyton Asphalt has also donated funds to support this with over £5,500 being donated.

Please support and donate to this very important campaign:



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