In memory of Joe Corrigan

Joe Corrigan suddenly past away on the morning of the 9th of December 2010. He was born on the 24 of March in 1956. At the moment we think the ‘cause’ of his death were complications associated with his diabetes.

Joe Corrigan was an exceptional man. He cared about so many people and always wanted to help everyone. Everybody keeps on telling me what a great man he was. A lot of people said he was like a brother to them and some said that he was better than a brother. He was my example of life, I looked up to him and I hope I will turn out to be such a kind loving man. He worked very hard to make sure his family had a good life. I think he inspired many people in his life. He taught me how to live life and made sure I was happy at all time.

Besides his family he also loved Liverpool FC. Not only did he love Liverpool, he lived for Liverpool. When I asked him why he was a Liverpool supporter and not a supporter of a club in London (the city witch he grew up in). He explained that his dad was a Liverpool fan and made sure that my dad would love the club, my dad he said he would pass that on to me and my little brother and he did. My dad took me to see a match when ever I could get the time off school. I have been to champions league matches and to the place that always makes you feel at home Anfield road. My dad and his best friend Mike Kennedy made sure that the Dutch could also visit such a great club as LFC.  They founded the Liverpool Dutch Branch. It was a success and my dad spent nearly all his spare time on the Dutch Branch to make sure that the members would be satisfied. I read the guest book and I think a lot of you had an amazing time with my dad.

To all of you who have been touched by my father.feel free to leave a message on the guest book page.

Dad I will make you proud.


Jack Corrigan

Son of the secretary and your friend Joe Corrigan

This next piece is written by my dads good friend Mike Kennedy.

Jack has asked me if I wanted to write something about his dad joe[the manager]

where do I start, well here I go.

Me and Joe grow up together always playing football, talking football, everything was football..

When we were about 10 years Joe s dad started taking us to Liverpool games [we were hooked]

We loved going to europe thats when Joe was at his best. He was also great at telling stories and everyone listened to him.

When he started dancing that was someting else. He would dance like a bull, I would shout Joe do the bull!!

And he would stomp his feet and put his hands on his head. Always a good laugh! Eveyone knew him, home or abroad. They would shout hey Joe!!

We called joe the manager because he was always organizing things;

hotels apartments, tickets, flights.everyone loved him for that.

We phoned or e mailed almost everyday about the dutch branch. Someone needed tickets,or change flights,

or whatever Joe would fix it.

l have met many great managers, shankly, paisley, dalglish with joe together

and you joe stand up with them mate!!

We were going to write abook together about the places we have been to and

people that we have met together. Unfortunately he died to sudden.

Miss you already my best mate

Heysel  drama 29 mei 1985

Naar de wedstrijd, de opwinding, spanning, live theater op z’n best. Nooit gedacht aan hier te sterven. Maar, zoals we allemaal weten, trof tragedie Liverpool tweemaal. In het Heysel stadion op 29 mei 1985 verloren 39 mensen het leven. Liverpool fans zullen zich altijd blijven schamen over de rol die sommige van ons hebben gespeeld in die verschrikkelijke avond. Voor de volgende mensen was dit hun laatste wedstrijd en wij zouden altijd moeten onthouden dat zij fans waren, net als wij.

Hillsborough Drama april 15, 1989

96 slachtoffers R.I.P

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Het grote verdriet van de Italiaanse families van de slachtoffers, begrijpen wij des de meer na onze eigen tragedie in het Hillsborough stadion. Om de Hillsborough nabestaande te steunen kunt op klikken.