Een van onze langst gediende leden Frank, kampt helaas met een zeer moeilijke periode in zijn leven. “The boss” heeft even de tijd genomen om Frank een persoonlijk bericht te sturen om hem een hart onder de riem te steken in deze zware tijd voor Frank en zijn familie.

“Dear Frank

Firstly, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you, I just want to let you know that everyone in the Liverpool family is supporting you right now.

That is obviously a lot of people and there are times when I stop and think about how many people are supporting the players and myself it can blow my mind a little bit but the fact that we all stick together is what makes this club really special.

I hope that on this occasion they will not mind that I speak for them when I say that we are all with you. This isn’t just a saying either, it is something that really matters. When I hear my players talk about what helps them when times are tough, one of the things they all say is that the backing of the club and the supporters makes a real difference.

The other thing they say is that their own family matters more than anyone, I probably don’t need to say this to you though, because I have been told that you have a brilliant family and friends around you and that they are all doing everything that they can to support you.

You”ll Never Walk Alone

Jürgen Klopp”

Klopp had het al aangeven en dezelfde boodschap willen we natuurlijk ook vanuit The Dutch Branch en vrienden meegeven…

YNWA Frank. Sterkte en we denken aan je.