What does this mean? Are we building a new team or are we replacing our Spanish star? Torres wants to move. Chelsea want to pay but Liverpool wants him to stay. Liverpool stand your ground and Torres just be patient lad. You have a new Spanish speaking star next to you. Rise up and change our shitty season. Give King Kenny time to bring us back to the glories days. Bring us the days that players like Terry say he is afraid to come to Anfield. Torres why would you want to leave Anfield. Do you think the fans will love you like we do? Chelsea doesn’t know what love means. Chelsea is nothing more then money. You have shown us so much. You are a hero to us. To them you will be one of the 11 players. This is the moment that you have been waiting for Torres. The moment of recovery, this is when we need you most. Let Kenny lead you and you will lead us, lead us son bring the title back to where it belongs!